Gudina Tumsa Foundation


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Work Information

Field of Work

Rural and Urban Development Humanitarian Organization,

Key responsibilities

Organize support for those in need

Department or workgroup

Non-governmental Organization


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Favorite Links

* crda

* eecmy

* bmw



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Contact Information

E-mail address

Web address

Office phone

456614, 464795, 464796, tel. & fax 465309 Mobile 09 220108

P.O.Box 4003 Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Women's Centre:

Tel. (256-1) 75-76-37

Mobile (259-1) 20-39-57

Account Number

Awash International Bank

Bole Branch

Account No. 130402049700

Addis Ababa


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Finfine Branch

A/C 20870171813099000


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Current Projects

           Fantale Integrated Rural Development (FIRDP)

           Gulale Urban Womens Production Marketing and Skills Training center

           Publication of Oromo Wisdom Literature

           Documentation and Preservation of Gudinas Writings and EECMY

           Missiological Seminar

           Sululta Beekeeping

            Chancho Water prings


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Biographical Information


Project Components


Date of Establishment




Publication of Oral Literature


Documentation & Preservation of Gudina's Writings


Women's Production & Marketing Center


Modern Beekeeping for Women


Spring Protection at Three Sites


  • Non-formal education Banti Mogassa


  • Dandi Gudina Primary School


  • Water Development


  • Adult Literacy


  • Livestock Improvement


  • Environmental Protection


  • Crop Production


  • Grinding mill & Grain store Service


  • Karayu Women's Promotion


  • Gidara, Direseden, Kobo Water Development


  • Civic Education


  • Harmful Traditional Practices


  • Library


  • Dandi Gudina Secondary School


  • Livestock Development at Tututi


  • Goats Husbandry


  • Restocking for Karayu Pastoralists


  • Tututi & Banti Mogasa Water Development


  • Enhancing Girls Education


  • Dhebiti Clinic


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* Acknowledgement

Good will come to [them] who are generous

and lend freely,

who conduct [their] affairs with justice.

Ps. 112:5


In its ten years of struggle to fulfil the vision of reaching out to the most destitute, GTF has enjoyed the privilege of receiving financial, material and spiritual support form a great number of individuals and organizations.

Berlin Mission and Bread for the World of Germany have been along side of the Foundation from its inception, providing support in various areas. Christian Aid of UK, in addition to its financial assistance, has helped GTF get an international exposure. Three separate BBC crews have filmed and aired GTF's projects on British television.

The courtesy of Women's World Day of Prayer-Germany has left such an impression, not only on the women whom they have helped to self-sufficiency through their support, but also on a wider local and international audience who is enjoying the products. The love reflected through the group known as Hilft Fantalle Kinder (Gabi, Helmut & friends) is seen shining on the faces of Karayu children at Dandi Gudina School in Fantalle.

The hospitality and Christian love shown to GTF by the Western Synod of the EECMY, through the provision of its compound in Gulalle, has been exemplary.

Dienst in Ubersee of Germany's contribution to the growth of GTF is unique but yet indispensable and with substantial results.

One is reminded of the "widow's offering" when considering Professor Sumner's donation of his eight volumes of manuscripts, because he gave all he had to give.

AK General Contractors, through its continued support to GTF, has demonstrated what local business enterprises are capable of doing when backing humanitarian organizations.

Skellefta Mission of Sweden's help has allowed GTF to spread its spiritual wings to reach out to those who are in spiritual need. Christian Relief & Development Association's support, in particular its capacity building programs have given GTF's staff vitality and efficiency. The cooperation shown by concerned government bureaux, US Aid, Oxfam Canada, Japanese Embassy, A Glimmer of Hope, Strathaven Church of England, Lutheran World Federation, on various levels has been fundamental to the smooth operation of GTFs projects

The continual prayers offered before the Lord on behalf of GTF by the various prayer groups have enabled GTF to "soar on wings like an eagle", beyond the dark clouds, and to overcome all the insurmountable circumstances which confronted it through the years. In addition, GTF and all its project participants express their gratitude to the Founders, the Board, the Staff and many more individuals who have dedicated themselves to supporting the work of the Foundation.


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Last revised: 31/07/2003